What is the Think Adoption First® Care and Savings Program?

Think Adoption First is a program from Petco that provides newly adoptive pet parents with information and savings that are designed to help them give their pets the quality of life they deserve.

How much does Think Adoption First cost?

The Think Adoption First Care and Savings program is absolutely free, both for pet parents and the shelters and rescue groups that may connect newly adoptive pet parents to the program.

How does Think Adoption First work?

The first step is always adopting a pet. Petco requires that new pet parents bring proof of adoption along with the Think Adoption First booklet (provided by a Petco store or partner agency) to a store to become part of the program. Next, pet parents must be a part of Petco’s Pals program—which is 100% free and offers special savings on the food and supplies pet parents buy most.

Will an adoption form be included in the booklets?

These Think Adoption First Care & Savings booklets are intended to be distributed through your organization and at adoption events outside of Petco stores.

Please note that the booklets you order from this site do not include the adoption form that our partners must complete upon successful adoptions at Petco store events. Events outside of Petco stores do not require completion of the adoption form. If your adoption organization is onsite at a Petco adoption event, you should request Care & Savings booklets from a Petco store manager, as those booklets contain the necessary paperwork.

What kinds of pets does the Think Adoption First Care and Savings program cover?

Almost every kind of pet: cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, chinchillas/guinea pigs, rodents, reptiles, ferrets, birds, even fish!

How do I participate?

Simply sign up and we’ll send you up to 100 booklets to hand out to your newly adoptive pet parents. Additionally, we’ll include a flyer you can display in your workplace to let pet parents know about the program.

How do I get additional booklets?

If you need additional booklets, please return to the home page and order up to an additional 100 TAF Booklets.